CCN: RED4519


Credit Hrs: 3.00


This course is designed to give students an understanding of how to diagnose and assess students in at least one of the major reading components.  Students will develop knowledge to complete a diagnostic case study on a struggling reader. This course will allow students to demonstrate their ability to interpret data, choose appropriate assessments and evaluate results. Students will then implement researched and evidence- based strategies and progress monitor the struggling reader. This course will help students gain knowledge on intensive, explicit, systematic and multi-sensory interventions. Students will learn how to apply researched and evidence-based instructional practices for diverse learners with different backgrounds and reading disorders, such as dyslexia. Students will complete a field experience with a minimum of 15 hours of observation and interaction in a K-12 setting.

Prerequisite(s) : EDF3280 and RED3342 and TSL3080

Lec Hrs Lab Hrs Oth Hrs Fees
48.00 0.00 0.00 $ 25.97