CCN: MAC1147


Credit Hrs: 5.00


This course is designed to satisfy the dual requirements of MAC1114 and MAC1140, thus preparing the student for the study of calculus. In this course the student will study various function families (e.g. polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric) from both analytic and graphical viewpoints, and will use them to model real-life situations. The student will be exposed to additional topics that will deepen their mathematical understanding, including systems, matrices and determinates, sequences and series, parametric equations, and polar coordinates and equations. A graphing calculator may be required. Recommendation of the Mathematics Department or at least a grade of "B" in the prerequisite course is required.

Prerequisite(s) : >ACNG/CM/2, or MAC1105C , or >CPT/CM , or >ACRS/CM/2, or MAC1105

Lec Hrs Lab Hrs Oth Hrs Fees
80.00 0.00 0.00